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There are people in places not affected by the virus who are being told they cannot do basic things like…GO TO WORK!  This is not how the USA works.  We have permission, granted by God and our constitution to live freely.  We have a new shop! Show the world that We Have Permission!

While we are still planning our own app, we found one that works great on both Apple and Android. Get the Android version here. Follow the instructions below. Live365 is also available on the Apple app store. Open the app, search for: Never Ending Radio Show Now just tap to listen! Add to favorites by […]

Help us find songs with “soul”. If there is a song that really moves you deeply, shoot us an email on the request line. We are putting some of them into our “Soul Search” feature. Thank you for listening and keep comin back!

Try our new recorder. Say: “Hey this is ______ your listening to the Never Ending Radio Show” Or yell kinda far away from your mic: “ITS THE NEVER ENDING RADIO SHOW!” Or upload your short .mp3 recordings directly. Try it out. If the recording is clean we will put you in the rotation! Maybe you […]

We want to express our gratitude to all those who have contributed to this project. Of course we thank God before all else! has been an incredible help! Their web developement here has been the main force allowing us to reach you…..THANK YOU ERNIEBLUES! The family and friends who have tested and tested and […]