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We want to thank Country singer Brandon Adams for visiting us! Click his name to see his site.

We do have a FB page but are excited to try Parler! No shadow banning or sensorship there! Join if you like: UPDATE: By now you know that Parler has been deplatformed. We are following this story closely and will post any developements affecting NERS. Let us know what platform we should go to […]

There are people in places not affected by the virus who are being told they cannot do basic things like…GO TO WORK!  This is not how the USA works.  We have permission, granted by God and our constitution to live freely.  We have a new shop! Show the world that We Have Permission!

Help us find songs with “soul”. If there is a song that really moves you deeply, shoot us an email on the request line. We are putting some of them into our “Soul Search” feature. Thank you for listening and keep comin back!

Our primary purpose is to push our own boundaries, stretch our limits and expand our appreciation for things that are new to us. Not always comfortable but mostly good. is a Gratitude First Project™.  100% Commercial and data collection free.  We aim to bring you the best music with informative, short form content we like […]