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Be a part of the show!
Our mic is yours too.


“Hey this is ______ , you’re listening to
the Never Ending Radio Show”

Or yell kinda far away from your mic:


Maybe you just want to give a shout-out to someone far away… Of course, you can simply tell us what you are grateful for…Gratitude First!

You can use the in-browser recorder* below by selecting “Start Recording” and giving permission to your microphone when prompted:

*The audio recorder is powered by SpeakPipe.
Being on the show means you gave us the right to use your recordings. Only adults 18 years or older are allowed to record. We are not data hoarders and our privacy policy details how submitted audio is stored and may be used.

Or if you want to use your own rig…

…you can also upload your own short .mp3 recordings directly right here:

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Give us a clean recording
and you’ll be a part of the show!