The Never Ending Radio Show

Timeless Music - Timeless Principles

We use the gift of free-will given to us by God and executed better than anyone else by the the United States Constitution.  We are exclusively on Gab and commercial free!  Your donations help us grow, thank you!

Be a Part of the Show...

We encourage listener participation. It's Your Mic Too!

Use the record button below and say:
“Hey this is ______ , you’re listening to
the Never Ending Radio Show”

Or yell kinda far away from your mic:

Maybe you just want to give a shout-out to someone far away… Of course, you can simply tell us what you are grateful for… Gratitude First!

We do not collect data, we play music!  You can use the in-browser recorder* below by selecting “Start Recording” and giving permission to your microphone when prompted:

*The audio recorder is powered by SpeakPipe.
Being on the show means you gave us the right to use your recordings. Only adults 18 years or older are allowed to record. We are not data hoarders and our privacy policy details how submitted audio is stored and may be used.

We Are Proud to be Big Tech Free

Going ‘big tech free’ was an important mission to us here at the Never Ending Radio Show. With so many big-tech companies seemingly working against the common working man, it felt like it was time to work WITHOUT big-tech.

We’ve worked extra hard to strip out all remnants of the social era and the Google era from our website.

This means you won’t find any trackers on this website, no analytics, no verification codes, no social sharing buttons, nothing. We are also proudly hosted on American servers that are disconnected from big tech influence.

This is supposed to be about you and the music. Let’s keep it that way!