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Why we are here.

Written by on August 19, 1820

Our primary purpose is to push our own boundaries, stretch our limits and expand our appreciation for things that are new to us. Not always comfortable but mostly good. is a Gratitude First Projectâ„¢.  100% Commercial and data collection free.  We aim to bring you the best music with informative, short form content we like to call “casual encounters with reality”.  Listener participation is encouraged by enabling recording and uploading of listener generated content…our “open mic” policy is short and clean, of course.

Our list of things we would like to add:

A high quality custom designed app.
Continued website developement.
Battery Backup (UPS) for our equipment.
Media server for additional streams.
Upgrade our streaming service provider.

Although we choose not to participate in “social media”, opting for a more oganic approach, we encourage those who do to share us!

If you like what we do, your support would be great! We thank you for your time!

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